Last week the Valley Advocate, the local arts weekly, ran a little business profile on me and called me “…one of the best wedding photojournalists in New England.”

The Advocate doesn’t post these profiles online, but the text of it said this…

“Seth Kaye began his photography career while a student at UMass-Amherst where he sold his first photo to the Associated Press. He followed that early success with images published in the Washington Post and Entertainment Weekly before segueing into music and entertainment photography.

Since devoting himself to photographing weddings he has won multiple awards and accolades both within and outside the wedding photography world. He has photographed weddings and other events throughout the United States and is quickly becoming known as one of the best wedding photojournalists in New England.

Seth’s documentary photography is devoted to the ideals of photojournalism, where the photographer unobtrusively captures real moments throughout a wedding day with respect and integrity, presenting the visual expression of that event as an artistic photo essay.

Examples of his work can be seen at,, and at”

I thought that was kind of nice.

  • fredi rosenthal

    Keep up the good work, Seth. Those remarks from the Advocate sure are a feather in your cap! (Oh! I forgot; you don’t wear a cap. But, you know what I mean! lots of love .

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