As a storyteller and documentarian, I base my work on the natural unfolding of moments. I look at a wedding as a story to tell. A personal and meaningful day that will be recorded through my photography, ready for the next generations to view.

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Unique Experience

My wide-ranging experience as an artist and photographer has been a great asset to my current work. Studying fine arts at the University of Massachusetts, I discovered photography and immediately lost interest in everything else.

I can remember the first time I used a darkroom and experienced the images appearing on the paper once the chemicals had been applied. It was like magic.

In my eyes, photography is a perfect melding of science and art, representing a fusion of my deepest interests.

Seth Kaye

Getting Here

I didn’t set out to be a wedding photographer. In fact, for the first 15 years of my career I purposefully avoided this path, instead telling stories as a freelance photojournalist. At the time, my issue with photographing weddings was what I saw as the formulaic nature of the job. Everyone was posed. Everything was over-scheduled.

This is not the way to capture real moments or personalities, or to evoke feeling when people see the photographs years later.

I had no interest in taking those kinds of uninspired pictures. I still don’t. But when my friends started to get married and wanted me to document their day, I decided to give it a try. Those early experiences ignited a spark.

My many years as a photojournalist brought out and honed the documentarian in me. I am skilled in the art of being in the right place at the right time, and I can use these exact techniques to tell the story of a wedding day.

I finally said yes to a good friend, and was able to see that you can take incredible photographs at a wedding, without posing anyone, or pulling a couple away from the party.

I learned that a wedding is just like any other story. What it really needs is a good storyteller.

Seth Kaye

Your Photography Ninja

I am here to be your calming influence, not only the day of your wedding, but in every meeting leading up to it, and for every request once the day has passed.

During your wedding, my work is instinctive and seamless. I will be everywhere, while remaining essentially invisible to you and your guests. Fading into the background so the day can unfold in the most natural way possible.

I will capture the special moments. The connections. The looks. The laughter during a father-daughter dance and the joy on the faces of your guests as you stand before them to exchange vows and make your promises.

These are the moments that can’t be planned or posed or prompted. These are the special moments that become the memories of the day. They unfold naturally, and my job is to be there, in the right place at the right time, open to the possibilities.

Passionate photography, blending into the background

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