Log Cabin Wedding : Alyshia + Jesse

Log Cabin Wedding >  Alyshia + Jesse had an amazing early summer wedding at The Log Cabin in Holyoke. They met when Alyshia worked at a local bank, and Jesse’s friends talked her and her [...]

Delaney House Wedding : Ashley + James

Delaney House Wedding >    It was a chilly and windy fall day in October when Ashley + James were married at the Delaney House in Holyoke. Their day began at the D Hotel where Ashely had [...]

Log Cabin Wedding: Beth + Anthony

Log Cabin Wedding >  Beth and Anthony were joined on their wedding day by friends and family on a beautiful day with an amazing sunset. The Log Cabin in Holyoke was host to the entirety of the [...]

Log Cabin Wedding : Barbara + Russ

Log Cabin Wedding >  Barb and Russ were surrounded by friends and family on their recent wedding day. The anticipation from earlier in the day led to a few nerves and finally to emotional joy [...]

Log Cabin Wedding : Melanie + Jason

Log Cabin Wedding > Melanie and Jason were recently married on a beautiful fall day surrounded by friends and family. I started my coverage of the day with a special portrait of Jason, his [...]