Stanley Park Wedding : Lucas + Christian

Stanley Park Wedding > Lucas + Christian had a beautiful summer wedding at Stanley Park in Westfield. They met seven years ago and had their first date at the Amherst Brewing Company. They [...]

Red Barn Wedding : Tammi + Gloria

Red Barn Wedding >  Tammi + Gloria were married at the Red Barn at Hampshire College in Amherst on a late-summer day. They laughed together so much throughout and enjoyed every moment of it. [...]

Smith College Wedding : Sarah + Didi

Smith College Wedding >  Preferring an intimate ceremony, Sarah and Didi eloped late last year, planning a reception with family and friends for this summer with a dance-filled celebration at [...]

Not Your Parents’ Wedding Photographer

I was recently contacted by a local blog who asked to do a profile of my business. I was intrigued by the request and was interested to read what they would write. They interviewed me and I can [...]

Mount Holyoke Wedding : Janet + Marge

Mount Holyoke Wedding >  Janet and Marge are an inspirationally upbeat couple who laughed and smiled with their friends the whole time I was with them. They’ve been together for 17 [...]