I recently traveled to the eastern side of Massachusetts to photograph Marlee’s Bat Mitzvah celebration, first at Temple Sinai in Sharon and later at the Thorny Lea Golf Club in Brockton for a rockin’ party. Here are some photos from the day…

We set up this shot of Marlee reading from the Torah just after family portraits at the temple.

A quick portrait.

Guests arrived as the clock ticked closer to the time for the ceremony to begin.

After the ceremony Marlee was ready to join her friends for the trip to the reception.

A bus was chartered for the kids (and a photographer) for transportation to the party.

Hanging out on the bus with the Bat Mizvah girl.

Everyone most certainly had directions to the reception, the bus led a convoy of sorts away from the temple.

I learned a few songs from the girls as we made our way to the reception.

Just inside the golf club’s entryway was a wooden chair that guests could sign instead of a guestbook. (I thought that was a pretty cool idea.)

The room was decorated with a beach theme, and balloons were seemingly everywhere.

The DJs handed out differently colored socks for the kids to wear to make dancing and sliding around the floor easier.

While I’m sure Marlee’s grandfather was enjoying the party, I caught him wistfully watching the golfers.

The party started in full when the DJs started the tunes.

Even the grownups got into it!

Marlee and her parents came out into the lobby briefly and I caught this shot through the slats of the chair her friends and family signed.

Each guest was handed a smooth stone to be placed into this bowl as an alternative to a candlelighting ceremony.

Marlee thanked everyone and her parents once all the stones were placed.

It was also Marlee’s grandfather’s birthday, who was surprised with his own little cake (which he really enjoyed).

More partying!

Marlee’s grandfather created a really nice slideshow that was played during the reception.

During the Hora, Marlee was lifted above the crowd on a chair while holding on tightly.

Marlee then shared a dance alone with her father.

The excitement lasted right up to the end of the reception.

Marlee hung out with her friends and played with some of the many balloons on the steps of the golf club after the main festivities were over.

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