Helping the local photography scene.

This week I hosted a get together with a few local photographers who came by the studio to chat and hear a talk by Northampton-based attorney Mikal Weiss. He spoke on ways to set up and run a [...]

Filming a Promotional Video

I recently had the unique experience of being the subject of a promotional video being made about my business. I spent the day with some of the best wedding vendors in the area who helped me out [...]

Speaking with other photographers.

This week I had the pleasure of hosting a get together in my studio with nearly two dozen other local photographers. After some snacks and beverages (and really, what’s a get together [...]’s Top 10 of 2010!

I am honored and humbled that my photographs from the Ultimate Prom Contest are among of their Top 10 Photo Galleries of 2010. You can see’s list here, and my [...]

Seth Kaye Photography, The Cartoon

At a recent wedding the father of a bride and I chatted briefly about photography before I went on my way making more images of his daughter’s big day. It seems he’s a cartoonist and [...]