I recently had the pleasure of photographing Ben’s Bar Mitzvah, which took place at Sinai Temple in Springfield with a reception, more like a great big party, at Chez Josef in Agawam that night. By all accounts Ben did a great job during the service, and he sure seemed be enjoying himself that evening. Here are some pictures…

I took this portrait with Ben holding the Torah earlier in the day, well before the guests arrived.
While Ben’s father and older sister helped put the Torah away, his younger sister decided to ham it up for me.
There was a little in-between time before meeting with the Rabbi prior to the ceremony.
The family and those who had arrived at that point met with the Rabbi for some pre-game words of wisdom.
Later that same day…

Ben’s grandfather said the hamotzi, a blessing over bread said prior to the meal.
The entertainment group hired for the evening got the crowd going with the hora, a traditional dance during which the celebrants are carried around on chairs while those assembled cheer them on.
Then the rest of the family got into it, too.
Ben’s father gave a heartfelt toast to his son.
Party time!
Dancers, a DJ and an emcee kept Ben and the rest of the crowd up on their feet throughout the night.
This was the first time I’d seen crowd surfing at a Bar Mitzvah.
The energy level was kept pretty high all night long.
What’s a party without ice cream?
High five!
Again, jumping dancers.
The entertainers handed out glow sticks and glow teeth to the kids.
The light show had some heavy shadows playing on the walls around the room.
And a final everybody on the floor at once dance at the end of a great night.

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